Laguna Beach Parks

Laguna Beach Parks

Not only does Laguna Beach have the most amazing beaches and coves, but check out

Laguna Beach Community's

28 Parks of Laguna

Here, you will find directions, pictures, and amenities of the 28 parks listed below

  1. Aliso Beach Park (Beach)
  2. Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
  3. Alta Laguna Park
  4. Bluebird Park
  5. Brown's Park
  6. Crescent Bay Point Park
  7. Fernando Street Park
  8. Heisler Park
  9. Irvine Bowl
  10. Jahraus Park
  11. Ken Frank View Park
  12. Laguna Beach Dog Park
  13. Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
  14. Lang Park
  15. Main Beach Park (Beach)
  16. Moulton Meadows Park
  17. Nita Carmen Park
  18. Oak Street View Park
  19. Pacific View Park
  20. Park Avenue Nature Trail
  21. Riddle Field
  22. Ruby Street Park
  23. Smithcliffs Park
  24. Thalia Street View Park
  25. Top of the World
  26. Treasure Island Park
  27. Village Green Park
  28. West Street Beach Historic Park